Paula Graham- Bowburn Surgery

I've known Gordon for several years through a family contact, and was so impressed with his expertise and medical knowledge. I entrusted him with the care of my daughter who has musculosketal problems then subsequently other members of my family and circle of friends. My father had been mismanaged as simple "arthritis" and suffered for years with his knees, but after his first session with Gordon my father was pain-free and walking better than in years.

As a GP I don't in any way profess to have expertise in musculoskeletal problems or sports injuries, and if I choose to refer any of my patients to secondary care or recommend them to any other care, then I care enough about them to make darn sure they're getting the decent and best care they deserve, and I certainly wouldn't settle for second-best with my family, that's why as a GP I will choose Gordon Ellis every time.

GP Dr Geoff Welsh - Dunelm Medical Practice, Durham


I have seen Gordon over the last 4 years with various running injuries.  Gordon has an excellent knowledge of musculoskeletal problems and helped me to return to complete 4 marathons.  I have referred numerous patients, family and friends to him.