Work based health care

When we look into your occupational health and addressing staff sickness we have a proven track record of support. Examples of previous clients being Durham City Council, The Home Office Prison Service and Durham school. This service demonstrates large cost savings, it aims to increase staff productivity, large reductions in sick absence and increased employer - employee working relationships.


Sick absence at work falls into many medical conditions creating major disruption in the working environment. The cost associated with absence is significant. Our strategy is to deal within prevention, initiatives, working and supporting your occupational health team. We also aim to reduce throughout treatment to rehabilitation protocols, long term sick and support staff on phased returns.


Our service offers:

  • No waiting lists
  • An in depth diagnostic assessment with feedback straight to the employer and employee
  • Screening and signposting for referral where needed
  • Treatment and rehabilitation with no waiting list
  • All aspects of your health care available at our clinics
  • Experienced and highly qualified staff
  • Educational initiatives on prevention of injury
  • Feedback to employers on staff sickness, diagnosis and potential return to
    work dates
  • Specialise group exercise classes
  • Organising pathways with GP's, consultants and specialist intervention
  • In line with health and safety and governing bodies guidelines and
  • Free and easy parking