Ashley Goddart, Executive Chef- Meydan Hotel Dubai

Professional note

I met Gordon in Dubai whilst I was the chef in charge of Meydan hotel and grandstand. At the time he was in charge of the sport medicine of Al Ahli club  in Dubai. He was staying with the Football club over nights in Meydan hotel as part of the pre game team building. They set up treatment rooms, special dietary and team rooms. He was always the man who seemed to be in before the team, arranging all and making sure all went well.

On a personnel note

I was suffering for years from not being able to remove tightening of my calves when running Over a period of 1 month he was able to remove all tension and allow me to start to run again. Made a big difference to quality of life He is always thinking of ways to assist his clients through his knowledge and experience. He is not only for sports injuries, but also able to advise through dietary, fitness programming and events Very happy to have met him and he was missed when he left Dubai. I have now also left Dubai and living in Cyprus with Thanos hotels. It would be great if we can get Gordon to come down here more often for treatments  as we need a professional here.


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