At Chartered Physiotherapy we treat the patient and their injury, not just the injury.


Physiotherapy is concerned with human function with respect to anatomy and physiology and how best to identify a problem, prevent it from deteriorating and maximise improvement in the shortest, safest time with no reoccurrence.


Physiotherapy also shows ways and methods in the prevention of injury and medical trauma. Educating the patient and creating awareness to all aspects of their medical concern and ways to resolve.


It is of our opinion that when you sustain an injury or condition always make sure you see a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist, who has many years of experience with proven results.

Chartered physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics

-Our aims:

  • Preserve by establishing a diagnosis through early screening intervention and an in-depth assessment
  • Prevent by addressing the cause and effects, then identify clear pathways for treatment or referral
  • Promote through structured treatment, rehabilitation protocols and patient education


Without the correct diagnosis all that follows can not only lengthen the time of the condition but also hinder its repair. Here at Chartered physiotherapy we emphasise the importance of in depth diagnostic assessment and patient screening. From years of medical assessments on players in the Premier football league we have found the value of correct diagnosis.


How we can help:

  • Diagnosis & treatment given on first appointment
  • All types of sports injury
  • All types of back care problems
  • Post-operative surgery to hip & knee
  • All types of Neurological Disorders
  • Shoulder, elbow, hand & wrist injury
  • Knee & hip pain
  • Achilles Tendon & ankle problems
  • Postural alignments / Muscle imbalance
  • Stress anxiety & depression through Physical Therapy
  • Tension headaches / neck tension / shoulder tension
  • Pain relief
  • Diet & Nutrition advice
  • Accidents at work / Insurance claims


We offer a range of treatment techniques to suit your medical condition, a list of treatment techniques are listed below.


  • Ultra sound
  • Spinal & Joint Manipulation
  • Mobilisation
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Massage: Remedial / Sports
  • Taping & Strapping
  • Acupuncture For Pain Relief
  • Postural Alignment / Muscle Imbalance Correction
  • Education & Awareness
  • Medio-Legal Assessments
  • Home Advice Schedules
  • Complimentary Therapies
  • Rehabilitation Exercise
  • Pilates
  • Kinesio Tapping
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Injury Prevention


Rehabilitation isn't as difficult as you may think, and the road back to your former strength may be considerably shorter than expected. Our approach is to help you make a complete recovery with the greatest possible care taken. Our expertise in therapy is built on many years' experience in all physiotherapy areas.