There is no substitute for experience, Gordon has 'been there, and done that', and you can tell.  I'm 53 and, thanks to Gordon, I'm STILL playing football!


Gordon prevented me from having a shoulder operation and gave great pain relief.  Gordon is just the best in the world.


The man with the magic touch, at 72 years old - Gordon helped me before and after a spine operation.


Gordon recommended I go for an MRI scan after a pattern of making improvements but then being knocked back again.
The MRI showed bulging discs, bony growths and a build up around the holes in my spinal cord, which were impinging on the nerves.
The orthopaedic surgeon referred me to neurosurgery. Coming up on 12 weeks I'm still waiting.
The surgeon had not recommended physiotherapy. However Gordon was keen to try twice weekly therapy with the aim of relieving this constant dull ache radiating down my arm and in to my shoulder.
I'm writing this pain free, having not had surgery or even an assessment with the neurosurgeon yet.
Yes I need to be careful and physio is not going to take away the osteophytes. But Gordon has put me in a position where I can live with my condition, pain free, and could well mean I do not have to
have invasive surgery on my neck. Thank you Gordon.​


Having suffered a lower back injury several years ago I struggled with repeated re-occurences of severe pain and restricted physical movement.  Previously I'd always been a very active person so this was particularly frustrating.

An NHS MRI scan identified multiple potential issues, but the only treatment offered was courses of painkillers, i.e. masking the symptom(s) rather than addressing the root cause.

Having looked online I came across 'Gordon Ellis' website and decided to give him a call. Great decision!  Gordon has been nothing but professional from the beginning, quickly getting me booked in for my first evaluation session.  He identified the root cause, took the time to explain the results of the MRI to me in simple terms and then proceeded with a course of treatment over several weeks.  Each week I experienced real progress.

Gordon then recommended a course of Pilates with Jill to help re-stabilise my back and add strength back to my core muscles.  Jill is a fantastic coach explaining each exercise in detail and offering simplified versions where necessary.

This has proven to be really effective, with Gordon able to identify the issue and Jill to put together Pilates exercises to complete the rehabilitation.  My strength is returning daily, and I'm 100% pain free again.  A huge and well deserved thank you to them both."


Having had more experiences with physios than I would actually choose, I finally met Gordon. Without a shadow of a doubt he is by far and away the most accomplished, professional and receptive practitioner I have met. The knowledge and understanding he brought to bear on what was a series of nasty and complex injuries was nothing short of remarkable. Best in the business by a very long way.


Gordon also has a lovely manner with children. His treatment allowed my child to continue with her sport. He explained things at just the right level, making a complex injury less frightening.
In addition his calm and patient demeanor encouraged her to follow the rehabilitation regime. One very happy child (and mother).
He also gave the correct diagnosis on the first visit.
I can't recommend him highly enough.


After road accident in June '06 have been having spinal injections 6 monthly. Not only do I not need them any more but Im off the neuropathic medications & painkillers. Thanks Gordon you're the best Physio I've met in years & Ive been nursing 45 years.. can recommend you enough


I had my right kidney removed in September 2008 due to kidney cancer. In January 2015 I broke my left humerus and an x-ray showed a pathological fracture. Biopsies confirmed a metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma resulting in bone cancer. So in March 2015 I had a wide excision of the proximal humerus with a metal replacement. Due to the break and resulting major reconstructive surgery I was unable to use my left shoulder for 14 weeks. I received physio for my 'bad' shoulder and knew it would be a 12 - 18 months rehabilitation program to get as much movement back as I was likely to get.
Consequently, my right shoulder was over used and this resulted in problems with restrictive movement and pain. I was recommended to see Gordon to get help with physio on my 'good' shoulder.
I first met Gordon on August 4th 2015. Within a few sessions I was able to move my right arm pain free and normal movement returned quickly.
I was pretty low at that time as despite having hospital physio on my 'bad' arm I was making very little progress and because of the severity of the problem felt I was going to end up handicapped. From day one Gordon diagnosed the issues I had as a result of the bone cancer operation, explained why the problems had occurred and how he could help. I had very little movement in my lower arm, no shoulder movement (a frozen shoulder) and very poor posture. From my first meeting with Gordon he was positive that I would regain movement back in my whole arm not just from my elbow down. What a boost to hear those words.
I have been having weekly half hour sessions now for 5 months and I know this will continue for many more. After every session I am given daily exercises to do at home. At times they are hard to do but by persevering the results are incredible. People are amazed at the all round movement I have back in my arm and shoulder. Each week I find I can do something I couldn't do the week before. It might only be a small movement but to me that is tremendous progress not only physically but it is excellent for my mental well being as well. My posture is back to normal and I now have straight shoulders. Emotionally Gordon has been supportive, boosted my positive outlook on life, shown me what I can achieve with hard work and certainly given me the confidence to face whatever life throws at me as regards my fight against cancer. Negativity is not a word he ever uses or allows me to use.
It was a fortuitous day I met Gordon. Based on my positive, first hand experience I have the confidence to recommend Gordon to help cancer patients with issues they may be experiencing. He has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional problems that we naturally go through after having this disease and has the expertise to give advice, support and help with not only with the physical rehabilitation aspect but also emotionally and spiritually too.

Robert Ellis- Spennymoor Boxing Club

"I have been to see the rest, now me and my boxes get our treatment from the best."

Phil McGuire

"Having been treat by Gordon on two occasions for prolapsed disc injuries i have found his knowledge, honesty and advice regarding the injury to be excellent. He has guided me through diagnosis, treatment and right through to full recovery. During the second injury Gordon diagnosed the injury weeks before the MRI results. His expertise gave me an understanding of the injury and pain reduction quickly and he has guided me back to full fitness. During my treatment i have come to trust Gordon completely and his working methods give you nothing but confidence that a full recovery is not to far away. Excellent physio who i can't thank enough for helping me back to full recovery and fitness."

Eddie Hutchinson

"I rate Gordon's expertise highly. He has treated me for various sport based injuries over many years. In particular, he successfully resolved a serious Achilles tendon problem enabling me to continue distance running. Gordon provides ' what's on the tin'. His analysis, treatment and advice are first class and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a top physiotherapist."

Glynn Laing

"Gordon has taken care of both mine, my family and colleagues injuries for over 20 years and I can not recommend him highly enough. His diagnosis of the injury and speed with which he has brought us back to full health has always been first class and a credit to him not only as a professional but as a person. He uses plain English to explain your injury and puts together a thorough programme to insure a speedy recovery. Keep up the good work Gordon and here is to your continued success."

Jason McGuire

"Played golf for 30 years achieved a scratch handicap with hip replacement at age 24. Coming up to 40th birthday decided my fitness was deteriorating rapidly and felt it was time to get fit and resolve all accumulative injuries. After seeing Gordon over a few months i was amazed at the progress achieved. Through improvement we decided i would push myself and play in a few 36 hole scratch events. Finished 5th then 3rd then 1st. This i felt was a massive achievement as I was struggling to get round 18 holes. I now have my fitness program tailored to my requirements. Next season my goal is to play in all most all of the 13 scratch events in the Sunderland masters series, all thanks to the ongoing program from Gordon."

John Cook

"I first went to see Gordon 8 years ago because of serious back and shoulder problems, being in the construction game and having slipped a disc some years ago i was in a pretty poor state. Gordon put me right after a few visits and i have been going to see him once a month ever since, in my opinion you will not get anyone better. (Age 59 and still in the construction game!)

Fiona Ballentine

"Gordon's expertise, knowledge, understanding and empathy is off the scale. His thorough initial diagnostic assessment and subsequent treatment has saved my life....literally. Gordon is helping me through rehabilitation of secondary breast cancer found in my pelvis and his positivity, care and professionalism has helped me heal both physically and emotionally. He is an inspiration and his whole ethos and principles of care are outstanding. Gordon genuinely cares and always strives to look at the whole picture of rehabilitation to optimise long term health."

Capt Z Joachim AFNI - Senior Tees Pilot

"Gordon saved my career. I would not go anywhere else and cannot recommend enough."


"In January 2015 I broke my left humerus and an x-ray showed a pathelogical fracture. Biopsies confirmed a metastic clear cell renal cell carcinoma resulting in bone cancer. So in March 2015 I had a wide excision of the proximal humerus with a metal replacement. Due to the break and resulting major reconstructive operation I was unable to use my left shoulder for 14 weeks. Consequently, my right shoulder was over used and this resulted in problems with the rotor cuff. Although I receive physio for my 'bad' shoulder I was recommended to see Gordon to get help with my right shoulder. I first met Gordon on August 4th 2015. Up until now I have seen him on 3 occasions. Within 3 weeks of his advice and the exercise programs I have been given to do I already have a wider range of movement with my 'good' arm and have even gained additional use of my 'bad' arm. My posture has also straightened. Gordon's expert knowledge is shown when he explains why the problems have occurred, the issues he has diagnosed and how he can help. Based on my positive experience I have the confidence to recommend Gordon to help with issues you may be experiencing."

Tom, Karen, Laura & Mark Rutter

"Gordon has provided physiotherapy and medical advice to our family for several years. In addition to providing excellent care Gordon explains complex medical issues in a way you can understand and have confidence in the treatment prescribed which in our case worked. Gordon's therapy provided relief where others couldn't."

Janet Nesbit

"I and my family have all seen Gordon over a period of several years with our physiotherapy problems related to muscularskeletal injuries. As a neuro physiotherapist myself i understand the importance of establishing the correct diagnosis and treatment. Gordon is what i would call a hands on physiotherapist that has the ability to diagnose to a high standard but also explain the medical condition, I think the fact that i and my family trust in his ability is testimony to his experience and knowledge."


"I walked into see Gordon aged 74 and came out feeling 24! I would like to consider myself physically active for my age, however age and the effects of exercise create their demands. I went to see Gordon with a long term back condition among with other things. Within a few treatments i had not only recovered, the advice and exercise programs he gave have really improved the quality of my life, i can't thank him enough."

Alan Herbert

"I have been seeing Gordon Ellis for a recent injury, coming to him over the years when i have a problem. I find his work to be very professional and worth while, he treated me for a torn hamstring and had me fit and well in no time. I recommend him strongly for anyone needing physiotherapy treatment."

Will Fairclough

"From initial consultation, Gordon has maintained professionalism, dedication (in and out of normal working hours) and most of all expertise with a very down to earth approach. He was reccomended via another source and that has been a turning point in the treatment I have received as he has signposted me in the correct direction and practitioners to help me moce forward with a long term injury that had degenerated over time even though seeing numerous qualified health practitioners. I had lost hope in health service professionals due to a catalogue of previous errors, however Gordon has restored my faith."

Neil Tippling

"After suffering for quite some time with back, neck and muscular problems a friend recommended a visit to see Gordon. After an initial assessment Gordon explained the problem to me in terms which allowed me to understand thouroughly and gave me confidence of a full recovery, three months later after corrective surgery Gordon has put together a rehabilitation programme for me to follow and i will be back to normal in a matter of weeks. I would highly reccomend Gordon to anyone as his knowledge and understanding of the human body is second to none, his enthusiasm and methods of explaining medical terms give you confidence and a positive attitude to helping your own recovery."


"Wow, I have never met a man so kind. He listens to what the problem is. Before I went to Gordon I was in so much pain and I couldnt do a thing. My arm and shoulder were so painful and after just two sessions I can now do things I couldn't do before and the pain has improved 80%. He takes his time and makes you very relaxed and calm. I would recommend him to anyone, many thanks."