Why choose info-physio?


Unlike many clinics, we don't charge ridiculous fees knowing that you're in pain and need urgent treatment.  We would like to think that our charges are set competitively and fairly.  We also don't put you under any pressure of booking block treatments, each treatment, where needed, is given as required at your particular stage of trauma, aiming to resolve your problem in the shortest, quickest time, without any reoccurrence.


Although we feel the above points are important, without a doubt, the main reason to attend our clinics is the proven high standard of diagnostic assessment with treatment on your first visit. Our aim is to give a comprehensive assessment and screening on your first visit and start treatment immediately to reduce pain at no extra cost.


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How can we justify our claim?


Gordon has spent not only 30+ years in health and fitness, his knowledge base, experience and qualifications have taken him to the four corners of the world, making him a very highly regarded physiotherapist.  Word of mouth is by far the best recommendation we all could have, the array of testimonials speak for themselves and we feel they cannot be matched.


At many clinics they encourage you to along for so-called expert assessment and treatment, however, when you arrive you are seen by a junior therapist and not the person advertised.  As a family run business, you will always see Gordon for both assessment and treatment, giving you not only a quicker diagnosis, but also therapy and continuity of the highest standard.  This is why so many GP's, consultants and healthcare professionals come for treatments themselves as well as referring to Gordon.


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Whether it's a sports injury, spinal injury, neurological condition, age related, pre-post operative surgery, MS, Cancer, joint related - you will find that there are numerous patients that have received excellent treatment and the results that they came for.


The clinic also offers free parking and easy access.