In the comforts of your own home

Home visits, known in medical terms as domiciliary visits, have many benefits. Not only do they take away the inconvenience and expense of travel. When a person has received treatment in all its forms by then having to travel home by car or public transport can sometimes not only be detrimental but take away the therapeutic and beneficial experience of the treatment. By receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home you will decrease any aggravation and pain that takes place when traveling to and from your appointment and allow the physiotherapist to assist you in using resources within the home as part of your treatment and rehabilitation. We understand that there is an increased expense in cost this being due to the total time our physio's are away from clinical appointments, use of private transport, transport of equipment and plus increased insurance cover. However those in severe pain or without transport we like to offer this service as a caring provider to make sure that we have covered all aspects of your patient care.


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