Working alongside the Football Association we deliver the following courses, however these are not just specific to football they can be used in any team or individual sporting event.


First aid for sports course-

To enable you to recognise and manage common injury's sustained in football and other sports and administer immediate "non-emergency first aid care".


Basic treatment of injury course-

To enable you to recognise and differentiate major from minor injury and the ability to offer basic treatment and injury management advice to a player who has sustained a major injury when playing football.


Intermediate treatment of injury course-

This course offers those who have successfully attended a basic course the opportunity to expand their knowledge further. The cause also acts as a stepping stone for those who wish to attend the FA Diploma course in the treatment and management of injuries.


The FA emergency aid workshop-

A 3 hour course offers the basic advice on how to limit the effects of injury and promote recovery. Topics covered include mouth to mouth resuscitation, control of bleeding, dressing of wounds and minimising the shock. Opening to all with an interest of improving thier first aid emergency skills.