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Our "virtual door" is always open

There are times when due to circumstances its not possible to see a therapist or visit a clinic for a face to face appointment. Here at Info-Physio we try to cover every contingency so that you still get that much needed support.

"We still believe your health matters"

For all Covid-19 information and face to face appointments please clinc the link below 

If your unable to travel, live too far away, live a hectic life and are in pain, struggling with a specific condition, in need of treatment, therapy, rehabilitation or looking for guidance and advice for yourself or someone else. Then you've come to the right place.

Our Online service is simple and easy to follow. When you contact us we will explain everything and guide you through the process step by step. 

To find out more:


  • Mobile Users: Go to the Icon with 3 lines at the top of the page - Click. You will see Online Pricing or Online Physio & Therapy - Click- and foloow the drop down menu.


  • Lap tops: Click - Online Physio & Treatment Room - there you will see the options in the drop down menu.


How to Book an Online Appointment or Contact us for more Information:


Contact the mobile numbers or email address below, which all have direct links if you click them. We also use the below social media. 

  • FB messenger: Gordon ellis
  • Whatsapp: 07985 610434
  • Zoom: Gordon Ellis 
  • Skype: Gordon.Ellis4
  • Instagram: infophysio.gordonellis
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